What can TOUKU actually do?

A big pleasure of having us as your total life's partner!

TOUKU is a unique messenger tool specially developed for the paid and free online communities offering the information and  publisher channels (for example, it can be used as a substitute for LINE@ Official Account)

Two of the major TOUKU’s specific features,

Paid Social Media Service 

In conventional, Paid-Social Media Services usually have a style that tutor side teaching the very unique knowledge for getting paid and the other hand, student side needs to pay for getting tutorials, but TOUKU can provide very different systems than letting both sides of tutor and student get paid!

In other words, it goes like, ”An Affiliate Marketing Plugged-in Paid-Social Media Service along with getting study and getting paid!”

 The User side benefits

  • Both Paid and Free Social Media Service options are available.
  • Being able to get as many useful utilized information tutorials every day as just by following them you are interested in.
  • Being able to get the login bonus points that can be cashed out just by logging into your account every day.

Some of the online-communities even giving away beneficial cashback campaigns only by just signing up your account, just surfing their adds and using the services as just for trial.
In this case, users can make money steadily every month with some effective ways of doing things!

How to make money Vol.1: The Social Media Management

  • Any users can open a Social Media, becoming the owner and being able to set up Paid or Free state on the communities freely through the settings feature.
  • So, you can steadily get paid monthly by running a Paid-Social Media based upon the user’s preferences.

If you need to obtain a certain amount of traffic from followers, you can freely set up the efficient affiliate compensations for the powerful affiliate marketers with the mass murder of huge traffics, and on the other hand, the affiliate marketers with mass advertising skills can get make money from the advertisers(The owner of the Paid-Social Media)

To create a great effect on the give-and-take affiliate marketing benefits is a secret key to making money online!

Offering The Information side, Publisher Channels 
TOUKU users can use all the features that LINE@ has.
So, you can open and run some paid-online community services and enable us to customize it for the customer service of your actual stores by using TOUKU’s various features like ezine-publishing, the scheduled emails, and the traffic management.

How to make money Vol.2: ASP(Affiliate Service Provider)

  • The affiliate compensation plan can be set freely.
  • You can also make money by advertising each online-communities as an affiliate.
  • Easy to use for the desired communities can be formed, by using the TOUKU’s feature as→Obtaining the valid traffic→Control→Closing.

The devastatingly better points enable us to use much cheaper with way low risk to get banned from the admin than using LINE@.

Let’s say, TOUKU can be a real powerful online tool with the user’s aggressive marketing ideas!

TOUKU is currently a BETA version, but we bet you can’t wait for the official version to come soon!

Thank you.

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