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[Updated Contact Details of Customer Support]-

Updated on Jun 14, 2020

All inquiries from the current users have been supported by email so far, but it needs to be changed to the new system “Support by TOUKU”.

We also need to let the support system gets subdivided to take care each one of the services according to our business expansion.

Please take it easy that you can login to TOUKU by using the same credentials with the ANGELIUM WALLET  if you already have.

Also, you can not only download our native app if you go to Apple Store or Play Store then search “TOUKU” but also using the Touku Web app.<Contact Details of Each Service>

Official ANGELIUM Support:


Official TOUKU support:

Official XANA Support Desk:

Official XIGOLO support:

Please Note: This minor change for support details is also temporarily made as test meaning.

As always, we would go through all the outsourced teams, and we would also confirm important matters etc. from the outsourced team if necessary. Always, thank you for your understanding in advance.

Thank you. ANGELIUM
Public Relations Department,
Customer service.

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