Touku is a free messenger app that allows users to communicate with their friends and family. You can share information with friends from pretty much anywhere in the world, and almost in any language.

We are actively working on adding more exciting features and expanding the capabilities of Touku in-App messaging, and we are excited to highlight another new feature today. The ability to auto translates your message into multiple languages. The Touku communication tool now can automatically translate conversations.

Before now when you received a message in a language you do not understand, you would need to copy it, open up a translation app or service, paste the message, read the translation, and then go back to chat for the reply. Which all adds up to process too many steps to interpret what the message says, the chat may well have moved on, and you’ve missed your chance to take part.  

Language is no longer a problem. So now you can communicate in any language in real-time. Touku makes communication in any language easier and smooth for its users. From now you can translate messages that you received inside a Touku chat into your language.

Or in any other language you want. All you need to do is just tap on the message, select the translation that you want, and right away the translation will appear of the original message. If you need to change the language, you can easily change it from the message. This new auto-translation feature of the Touku online communication app makes it safe and trouble-free to communicate with your valuable users and deepen their engagement by surfacing relevant information. Don’t let the language barrier stop you!

It is necessary to make sure messages are localized for each receiver to upgrade the engagement, and for that Touku has added an easy way to translate your message to many languages. Touku is presenting many other features to its user that makes it the best messenger app to use.

Communities and group chats are a great source to bring people together and make connections on the things we have in common, from family groups to big communities of people who are all concerned for the same thing. When it comes to the right type of chat to open for your group, Touku is providing you with the best platform to communicate. It allows instant messaging, sharing videos, audio, and group chats. 

Touku messenger app is also connecting business layers to convey information. It’s another best feature is that you can build a community around your business or brand with its channel communication feature.

Touku messenger app offers this factor for its users especially businesses and organizations to deliver their information with other companies easily and securely. Crypto is the future of our economy and that is why the Touku messenger app gives its user a unique feature of crypto funds transfer to your family and friends when they need it the most.  Now you can easily send and receive crypto assets inside the Touku messenger app without ever leaving it.

Touku makes transferring funds to your friends back easy, quick, and most importantly secure. All your funds will be sent in seconds by a single touch. This feature is available globally for Touku users on android, iOS, Mac, and PC. We know how important your data is. So, that’s why the Touku messenger app supports the end to end encryption to make sure that your communication with friends and family will always be in a secure environment.

All your pictures of your puppy, videos of your children, voice messages to your loved ones, and work files are safe because we know how important they are.

On Touku, language is no longer a barrier. So start chatting today, anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Sign Up on the Touku messenger app today to start enjoying the amazing features.

Thank you.

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