What is the purpose of TOUKU?

NOBORDER.z developed the TOUKU app as a two-dimensional communication platform and is going forward to increase the number of users along with its upgraded products called Metaverse a 3D telecommunication platform.

We are providing various useful features for third parties individuals, companies and online marketers to get more preferred users to join our community platform.

TOUKU is a blockchain and AI-based online marketing tool that has integrated with the payment processor as well.

The minimum target is “10 million users” worldwide.

Today, let us show you one piece of TOUKU’s very unique online marketing strategy.

In a case, if you’re assumed to let 10,000 users get targeted for your website traffic, you can make the thing much easier, faster and cheaper by just having 10 influencers with 1000 lists can reach the target of 10,000 traffic rather than wasted money on purchasing single traffic for 1000 yen!

And, you can also pile up the databases of the influencers get together one after another, so additional, it effectively becomes just like to kill two birds with one stone.

Besides, increasing the number of users, of course, causes to let the liquidity and transaction volume of ANL and ANX get increased.

This is because of pay-as-you-go billing and “TOUKU points” that cannot be obtained other than within TOUKU that are designed to eventually relate to letting ANL and ANX get valued more after a while.

Further details of this would be presented later on.

For the time being, TOUKU app looks just a single tool so long as it is considered from one of the platform operator’s points of view, but it can become a way powerful tool by upgrading the features of the cutting edge technologies from now on!

TOUKU Features

  • Traffic management.
  • Sending messages.
  • One-way chat.
  • One-to-one calling.
  • One-on-one respond.
  • Scheduled texting.
  • Scheduled email.
  • Rich-image settings.
  • Audio publication.
  • Video publication.
  • Data Analytics.

Features in the next update due in March.

  • ASP(Affiliate Service Provider)
  • Fully automated translation
  • Auto-responders
  • Sell and Buy processor of crypto-assets
  • Service optimization by AI
  • Audio publisher 
  • Video publisher
  • The monthly billing system for the official channels
  • Credit card Checkout(Installment and lump-sum payment)
  • User preferences analytics
  • Affiliate compensation settings
  • Tier compensation for affiliate settings
  • Quick texting

Thank You. 

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