What is TOUKU?

This app is specially developed for the online-communities(Paid and Free) and Ezine-like online publishing platform. (Just Like LINE@Official Account)

Toward the launch of the Metaverse alpha version that would be presented soon, this would be a bridge between 3D virtual world communication that would become mainstream in the future and 2D planar communication that is the current mainstream. And various functions and data of TOUKU would be carried over to Metaverse as it is.

The Main Target Of Touku

The main target is the influencers and Online publishers like affiliates and infopreneurs who perform various online dealings, as we say, the Online-publisher side.

Various communication apps are so often used in Japan today such as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. Among them, LINE has become a symbol of the smartphone society because it is completely “habitual” within Japanese users today. You may think that it is extremely difficult to turn that “habit” upside down and guide more ordinary users to TOUKU. However, our main target is the “Publishers” of online media.

TOUKU” has evolved into a next-generation Telecommunication app
that combines not only a communication tool but also various new value-added services in a complex manner.

That’s all for today further details will be shared in Vol.2.

Thank You.

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