TOUKU would be the first series of the various full-scale services we are releasing out in 2020.  It is an application that would be the next generation telecommunication tool.

TOUKU app is specially designed and developed for online businesses and information publishing channels, etc. (For example, the tool can be worked like LINE@Official account instead). But that is not just it. 

We will keep you updated, We are implementing the following features that are mentioned on the official website one after another.

  • Fully automated translater
  • A feature allows to sell and buy for crypto assets
  • Artificial intelligent customer service
    and etc.

The launch of the TOUKU app works as a bridge for communication between the 3D virtual world, which will become mainstream in the future. The current mainstream, 2D planar communication, in preparation for the upcoming Alpha version launch of Metaverse. Various functions and user data of TOUKU will be handed over to the metaverse.

We would like you to know how this service interlocks to ANGELIUM and being connected to ANX token at the next monthly FAQ conference opportunity.

For Angelium Users

The launching of the new project “TOUKU”, we kindly let ANGELIUM users use the beta version in advance.

Limited Time Offer

We would give away ”50 XP per person minimum for FREE” to all users who gave us very useful feedback opinions!

You need to post some feedback opinions mainly pointing out bugs you may have, requests for improvement and additional features to ”TOUKU feedback/β, ver” channel.

Please include the following three information

1. Your full name (registered to XANA DIGITAL WALLET)

2. Username (Registered to XANA DIGITAL WALLET)

3. Pointing out bugs you may have after using the app
(requests for improvement and additional features would be also accepted)

Time Duration: Start out today up to Feb 28, the result is announced through chat individually on Mar 5.

Rewards are decided as to how much a subscriber made useful feedback comments and how many numbers of subscription was made.

  • $50 worth of XP for a total of 5 users
  • $10 worth of XP for a total of 45 users

The above requirements limitedly apply to the first 50 subscribers, so you would be for sure to get the chance, so as submit your valued opinions as soon.

Subscription Links

TOUKU login page
(You can log in via your XANA digital wallet account)

“TOUKU feedback / β, ver”
(Add the channel, and just give feedback)

Official Website

Now, we are waiting for your valued responses.

Thank You.

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