Its been a month since the TOUKU beta version has been released. We are continuously upgrading and fixing the bugs pointed out from the user’s feedback.

General features:

  • Messages deletion
  • Canceling sent messages
  • Edited sent out messages body(only valid in 24 hours after sent)

 Admin features:

  • Individual communication with each follower by one to one chat feature
  • A feature compose and send bulk-email on scheduled time and date
  • Unlimited sending messages
  • The auto-responder feature that allows users using the triggered email(Scheduled ezines publishing)
  • Saying hello to the friend newly added
  • Issues a referral link of the channel
  • Analytics feature for the collecting data(something like the number of followers and sent out emails)
  • Create MY CHANNEL with multiple administrators get enabled
  • The feature that allows sending the text message with images attached called ”Rich-Image contents”
  • Implemented Searching engine feature that allows hitting the keywords sent out in messages

The latest version of Touku is “V 1.3.1”

Share these amazing features with your friends and let us know their actual feedback in real-time!

The TOUKU app has so many useful and user-friendly features that allow the influencers along with the affiliate marketers out there to accelerate and get their marketing strategies much more powerful than ever before!
We would present further details about TOUKU later on.

How about test TOUKU today to use the many incredible features it has? And give us back your reviewed comments including how you get satisfied with using the app and check out the usability within the channel!

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The latest information channel of TOUKU ♪

Thank You.

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