How to play angel turbo? – XIGOLO



1. Write your Registered Email address.
2. Type your Password in the Password field. 
3. Click on the “Login” button and you are in XANA.

Step 2


Click on Angel turbo card from the home screen. This will open an angel turbo game.

Step 3

turbo 3


1. Enter the betting amount in the “bet” field. You can bet with 20 sec of betting time.

2. Enter profit multiplier value in “Payout” tab. According to this value, you will get profit.

3. Click on the “Bet” button.

Step 4

Turbo 4

Notification will appear on the screen if the bet was applied successful

Game will start after the bet time is over.

Step 5

Turbo 5

The result will displayed after the game is over. 

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