How to compose a message?


Step 1

1. After logging in click on the menu option.

Step 2

1. Click on “Messages”

2.Then select the “Compose Message” from the dropdown menu.

*Admin of the channel cannot directly send messages in a channel.

Step 3

1. Select the Destination option i.e. “All followers” or “only admin who follows”

2. To compose a message, fill the “Date and Time” option and choose “Send now” or “Send later”

*You can send the composed message immediately or can schedule it to be sent later in near future.

3. Type your message in the “Enter message” field.

*You can also add Text, Photo, Audio or Video by selecting the respective buttons.
4. Click on the “Send” button.

*You can also save your draft by clicking on the “Save Draft” button.

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