1. Host can give access to mic to any member of the audience by selecting the HOST option from the menu bar.

2. A new page will appear on the screen, select the Audience option from the given list.

3. Click the On and  Off button to give mic access to the audience.


If you are the host of the event you can communicate by using a mic or text box.

If you are an audience you can communicate through text.


1. Host can share his media files like video , image or pdf on screen by clicking on HOST option

2. A list of files will appear, click on file that you want to share

3. A preview window will appear in the left side of panel

4. Click on the CHANGE NOW button to project the file on screen in the event for audience.


Host can communicate through voice and present Videos,Images & Slides with the audience of his event.


An audience is the group of people who participate in the event.

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