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Updated on May 31, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have decided to introduce LEXXPAY as a new service within the XANA Digital Wallet platform.-

What is LEXX PAY?

LEXXPAY (LAO EXCHANGE PAYMENT) is a wallet PAYMENT service operated by LEXX.Co., LTD based in Laos.

It is “the world’s first wallet payment system” in partnership with the joint private bank (Joint Development Bank) in Laos. By applying to LEXXPAY, user can complete wallet service, JDB bank account opening, VISA card application all in one easy step!

In other words, by issuing a debit card tied to JDB Bank, user can charge BTC and exchange it into US dollars, and the account balance can be used for card checkout and also withdrawal gets available!

Not only card checkout but also FIAT withdrawal at ATM become enable.This service allows user to sell and buy of cryptocurrency much easier stress-free at real time!

Benefits of having LEXXPAY

  1. Enable to use many features of The world’s first wallet linked to a JDB bank account.
  2.  Let BTC to get charged to the debit card then user can use the card at all the stores that associated with VISA payment all around the world.
  3. Enable US dollar-denominated high interest rate fixed deposits unique to the one of emerging countries.

The application method and further details would be updated at a timely manner later on.

In the future, we keep going on to make efforts to expand the platform through other companies’ services and alliances within the XANA WALLET platform, build a more fluid ecosystem, and improve the value of ANX and ANL.

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Non-fungible tokens are a specific kind of digital assets, where each token is personalized. In other words, each NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) has a unique attribute that makes it distinct from all other NFTs.

These attributes show that non-fungible tokens can be used to represent possession rights for everything from digital tokens to real-world property. And, as more and more businesses become interested in adopting blockchain-based non-fungible tokens. 

Non-fungible tokens are transforming the world of online games and the virtual reality universe. In general, when playing online games, characters will get tradable items such as weapons, dresses, pets, etc. Developing an NFT for each stuff allows these props to be traded with points in the game or even real-world cash, and in the end, creates an online digital economy for the virtual world.

These NFTs are stored in the blockchain, so their property, ownership, and all transaction records are transparent and cannot be damaged or changed. 

Angelium launched its non-fungible tokens on the EOS blockchain of various types. These NFTs are available in many forms such as stickers and avatars that users can buy or sell. Moreover, they can use them in the Angelium virtual reality world to represent themselves.

Similarly, weapons, guns, swords, bombs, and other game cards are also available as NFTs which users can use easily in different games either in virtual reality or non-virtual reality games.

Angelium’s NFTs are unique and multipurpose. Users can use them in different platforms i.e. in market places, 2d games, 3d games as well as in the Angelium VR world. Angelium makes it possible for its users to use NFTs to represent themselves in the virtual reality world like enjoying parties, meeting friends, and playing games.

NFTs for animations and patches of lands of specific 3d worlds are also available so that’s how users can own properties in the virtual reality world and can build anything they want, for example, homes, shops, malls, etc and they can buy or sell them to others. 

All the traditional digital assets such as tickets, weapons, and lands have no unified representation in the digital world. By showing non-fungible tokens on the public blockchain, users can develop common, reusable, inheritable standards relevant to all non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens provide basic primitives as possession, exchange, and simple access control.

These are the correspondents/analogs to other building blocks of the digital universe, like PNG and JPEG file format for images, HTTP for requests between computers, and HTML/CSS for viewing volume on the web. Blockchain adds a layer on the top that offers users a brand new set of vibrant primitives on which to build applications.

Standards make NFTs more powerful and unique. They offer the guarantee to the users that their assets behave in a specific way and describe precisely how to interact with the basic functionality of the assets. Standards of non-fungible tokens make it easier for users to move easily across multiple environments.

When a developer launches a new NFT project, these NFTs are instantly perceivable inside dozens of different wallet providers, tradable on marketplaces, and most recently, displayable inside of the virtual reality world. Non-fungible tokens are tradeable and their tradability offers higher liquidity.

NFT expands the market for unique digital assets. It is possible because the open standard of NFTs offers a clear, consistent, secure, and permission API for reading and writing data. The other feature of non-fungible tokens is that they are fully programmable.

The introduction of NFTs brings very interesting solutions about the value and asset liquidity. The overall NFT market could be highly motivated by this new generation of assets. Non-fungible tokens are in early stages today, but due to their unique features, they stand to create an incredible wave of gamified digital assets and permissionless token economies soon.

Try out Angelium’s NFTs tokens to explore the prospects. 

Thank you.

If you’ve been living in a crypto world, you’ve probably heard of the term NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). Maybe you are a cynic, a believer or possibly you still don’t really understand what precisely NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) are. In any case, this article is for you to develop your understanding of “NFT” or “Non-Fungible Token”.  

Non-fungible tokens are unique, digital assets with blockchain managed ownership. Most discussions about non-fungible tokens started when the idea of fungibility was introduced which means that they can be replaceable or can be replaced by other identical items. We think this over complex things.

To get a better understanding of what might comprise a non-fungible asset, just think about most of the things you own. The couch you’re sitting on, your laptop on which you are watching a movie, your cell phone, or any other thing you could go and sell on shopping websites. It means that fungible assets are actually strange.

A currency is a traditional example of fungible tokens. Ten dollars is always ten dollars no matter the serial number on the specific ten-dollar bill, or whether it’s ten-dollars present in your bank account. The capability to exchange ten-dollar bills with another ten-dollar bill makes currency fungible. Acknowledge that fungibility is corresponding, it only applies when differentiating numerous things. 

Non-fungible tokens are totally opposite of fungible assets. Tickets, in-game stuff, even avatars are all non-fungible tokens, they only vary in their traceability, interchangeability, and acquiescence. non-fungible tokens offer ownership and management permission to the users.

Due to blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens change the user and developer relationship with their assets by providing them possession. Non-fungible tokens are unique and cannot be split. As compared to fungible tokens, the critical transformation of non-fungible tokens is offering a way to record the possession of invisible and unique assets.

Such sort of possession can be kept in a blockchain, making it evident and tamperproof. Non-fungible tokens don’t prevent others from approaching the possession, it simply captures it and finds its value as well as the relationship with all the data in the blockchain.

Due to the non-fungible feature of NFTs, it can be utilized to signify a large number of real-world goods, such as tickets, phones, any ring, and so on. NFTs allow us to tokenize anything valuable and record the possession of it, thus to build a relationship between information and value.

NFT is a sort of blockchain-based non-fungible digital asset, and NFT-compatible blockchain is a database that keeps the record of valuable things. In other words, non-fungible tokens can connect anything with non-fungible attributes; realize tokenization of the real world. And form a world of digital assets with value exchange.

We can store the information of weapons, jewelry, or any other collection on the blockchain in the form of an NFT for updating, circulating, or exchanging. In simpler words for your understanding, for example, we can develop an NFT for a piece of jewelry. Its owner only needs to declare the NFT’s metadata to show his possession of the piece of jewelry when he/she wants to sell it.

The certification is digitally recordable since the possession of a piece of jewelry is recorded in the blockchain, which also prevents the imitation and fraud of the jewelry. The unique features of NFTs allow greater liquidity at the same time providing arbitrage opportunities to the users.

In the next post in this series, we explain the usage and advantages of NFTs to flourish and highlight their most interesting aspects. Stay tuned!  


What else you can get for making HEAVEN ANL?

You can definitely receive DROP according to each XLEVEL, “Only the users who made HEAVEN” are qualified for the targeted DROP.
(Originally, the funding source for the DROP is provided by calculation to let the total sum of ANX from TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange revenue plus ANL from content’s promotion revenue and more get divided according to the total number of levels)

Following are the HEAVEN bonus rates:

  • HEAVEN 90 130%
  • HEAVEN 60-115%
  • HEAVEN 30-105%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 90 150%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 60-125%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 30-110%

HEAVEN bonus is added to XLEVEL of when users made HEAVEN.
If a user holds (10000ANL=10000XLEVEL) and made Heaven90, it goes like,


DROP is provided as a DROP qualifier according to the amount of HEAVEN user holds at the moment. Also, be assured that the default setting is RE-HEAVEN (called ANOTHER HEAVEN) even on maturity.

Important Notice

  • Currently, ANL XLEVEL is hidden.
    But, please be assured that HEAVEN would be displayed.
  • The XLEVEL of ANL, that has already been made before 2019, would be added as DROP if you can make HEAVEN before Mar 25.
    • XLEVEL would be lost if you didn’t make HEAVEN by Mar 25.
  • ANL newly purchased at TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange also return to the original level in a case even if HEAVEN gets unlocked only one time.

Note: Once you released Heaven even for once, all the XLEVEL’s, privileges and special welcoming gifts will be gone that came with XLEVEL status.


NOBORDER.z is getting spread out its share and name-value and becoming more familiar in the blockchain industry, mainly in Asian countries.

Although increased name-value is a good advantage, on the other hand, the illegal logins and cyber-attack ratio also increased.

We are taking countermeasures for these attacks. Once again we’d like you to get prepared for the following measures from the user’s side this time.

Make sure to take the following setting from the user side.

“Please have a “two-factor authentication” setting with Google Authenticator.”

Note: We will not be able to recover the loss you have in a case that the above user’s countermeasure setting is not taken place.

Additionally, we have to make the user’s account gets suspended immediately if we found some malicious acts that can cause a cyber attack, hacking and intentional bugs, etc.

We wish that you can always enjoy the crypto assets management with us,

Thank You.

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