We are pleased to announce the official launching date of the latest independent Cryptocurrency Exchange TRANXIA.

  • Date: Apr 1, at 3 pm (SGT) -planned
  • Official name: “TRANXIA” cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The website link would be presented later period.

The Purpose

  • Many requests from users and affiliated project owners
  • To increase the side-chain projects
  • To increase the liquidity and the more users coming in

Users can view the Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange state and the currency pairs, etc., without logging in or signing up. This increased the transparency level of the Tranxia Cryptocurrency Exchange.

We have also deployed our own node of EOS with a demux (database optimizer), which can become a reason.

For ANGELIUM users

We have made ANX get hard-forked as system/primary token of new Node/chain, while other tokens are the same as before.
So, it will automatically get swapped with the current ANX as ANX2.0.

This will improve the transaction speed performance of our cryptocurrency exchange TRANXIA.

The price and number of issues keep going on the same as ANX1.0.

The existed users can access TRANXIA Cryptocurrency Exchange directly from XANA Digital Wallet and continuously keep using it as usual.

The existed users with the current XANA Digital Wallet can not only view the released coin state of the partner companies but also some of the limited transactions are available.

We will keep you posted as things progress.


NOBORDER.z has now concluded a partnership agreement with the JKC project.

Note: This is a partnership agreement. JKC is not one of the sub-chain projects of NOBORDER.z.

About the JKC project

A project run by a business partnering with the major Junket group.
An essential tool that is expected to integrate online casinos with land-based casinos and bring even more vitality to the casino market from now on.

What is a JKC token?

The ERC20-based token that can be exchanged to JKBIT by combining with BTC in the JKC WALLET.
JKBIT can be used on the online gaming site called “Red Power”.
It can also get exchanged with the rolling chips at some major partner casinos in the Philippines, Macau, and Korea. This can be done because we are affiliated with the Junket company.

What is a JKC / ANX pair?

When a user let ANX gets exchanged to JKC and additionally also exchanged to JKBIT, then the user can play with the chips exchanged by the JKBIT at not only the Online-casinos but also at the actual land-based casinos! This is awesome!

We are considering various events in the future including a tour to the local casino.

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NOBORDER.z proprietary exchange unit “XCHANGE” has been renamed as Tranxia” cryptocurrency exchange to fit the huge demands of users and affiliated projects, an increase in the sidechain projects, and furthermore users coming in and its liquidity. We proudly released it to the public!

Users can view the state and currency pairs of our cryptocurrency exchange Tranxia without logging in or signing up. That will increase the transparency level of “Tranxia” cryptocurrency exchange

We have deployed our own node of EOS with a demux ( database optimizer), which can become a reason.
We have made ANX get hard-forked as system/primary token of new Node/chain, while other tokens are the same as before.
So, it will automatically get swapped with the current ANX as ANX2.0.

This change will improve the transaction speed performance of the Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange.

The price and number of issues keep going on the same as ANX1.0.

The transaction would be completed by 23: 59(SGT) on Mar 20.

In addition, all current orders need to be canceled once during the transfer continues, so make sure please place the order again after the transfer gets completed.

Thank you.

NOBORDER.z has recently signed a partnership agreement with the NORI project and lets NORI tokens get listed on Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange. The NORI project is one of the official projects on NOBORDER.z sub-chain.

What is the NORI project?

This project primarily builds and operates a platform that makes ACG. Made in Japan contents like Animes, Cartoons and Games products to be a bridge between the real world and the virtual world.

What is NORI?

It means ‘Plays’ in Korean, and ‘NORI’ stands for a dream project that allows the otaku(nerd) users who have a strong affinity for VR intertwined in ‘NORI ZONE’ VR + AR space, exchange of secondary creations, online avatar Coplay, etc. can unleash the kind of subculture activities devastatingly play around.

NORI tokens are used for all the activities between users in NORI ZONE, such as participation, communications, buying, selling, receiving and placing orders.

At all the landmark areas in Asian countries

“Beacon”, a Bluetooth-compatible position searching device, is installed in a 50m x 50m scale ‘NORI ZONE’ that renders an environment similar to reality in Metaverse and let XANA Digital Wallet users get communicate with other users externally connected to ANGELIUM Metaverse. So, we plan to run some related campaign events in real-time.

At NORI zone 

Users who participate in AR and VR in the Metaverse can actually see each other through devices. 

The target users for NORI tokens

It is mainly a VR enthusiast in Asia (Otaku people) and is considered to be a group worthy called as “pioneers” in the Open Metaverse of ANGELIUM, its beta version will be launched soon.  It’s token has a very similar tendency to the actual market economy, in that the users themselves extend the range of use of the token by guaranteeing an extremely high degree of freedom in their activities.

NORI token structure allows users to voluntarily place orders or orders internally while valuing each other’s products, and the digital assets created in this way are the current NORI/BTC, or NORI/ANL (ANX) pairing allows you to bring its value externally the NORI tokens value-structure.

Therefore, it is a token that has the meaning of becoming a “bridge” that connects all acts in the ANGELIUM Metaverse to the real world-current economic situation, not just only play with! NORI Token’s potential value is a variety of versatility and expandability, such as collaboration with game-companies, value as an advertising platform by expanding NORI ZONE, avatars and test boards for VR content sold and sold by Pixie Boo, etc, are all expected as a remarkably high standard.


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