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Service Overview 

TOUKU is a service tool to connect online influencers, information originators, online salons, school operators and their readers.We provide our customers with simple, one-stop functionality, such as creating and delivering content, promoting, matching, and providing payment methods.With a simple operation, you can deliver professional scenario steps, deliver hundreds of thousands of people at once, chat 1:1 with your readers, deliver emails, and more.In addition, in order to support the globalization of the online business, it is equipped with an automatic translation function by introducing its own AI.

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Online Communication platform

Future Policy

The roadmap for future development will include the introduction of IPFS (decentralized file system) and encryption (P2P), which leverage the strengths of NOBORDER.z’s blockchain technology, as well as the introduction of the company’s feature-rich functions such as ASP, live streaming, AI-based followers matching, channel matching, and auto-response functions. we plan to grow it as a communication tool to lead the Web 3.0 era, such as linking with social media SNS “XANA”.

Representative comment

In this era, we used to pay a lot of money to learn information and learning that could only be obtained by paying for teaching materials or going to that place with a single app. TOUKU is a platform that connects people who deliver high-quality channels for readers and for those who are eager to learn. Because it is a tool that expands business opportunities infinitely depending on how you use it, we would like to refine and grow our services together with our users. (RIO)

NOBORDER.z Corporation

With the vision of “A Wonderful World Without Borders”, we are a next-generation entertainment technology company based in New York, U. S. A., which operates in six countries around the world.The company will combine its cross-reality technology, blockchain technology, and AI technology with VR and AR entertainment.



RIO TAKESHI KUBO (CEO) made his major debut as an artist and composer at AVEX in Los Angeles. After being in charge of theme songs such as famous anime, he became independent. After holding four world tours as a DJ and music producer and performing in 70 cities, he started NOBORDER.z. In the two years since its founding, the company has grown to a scale of more than 100 employees in six countries around the world.

■ Service Overview

Service name: TOUKU (talk)

Genre: Communication tools

Price: Free

Supported devices: iOS, Android, browser versions (Mac, Windows)

Supported languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) , Korean, Hindi

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Browser version: https://www

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■ Company profile

Company name: NOBORDER.z Corporation 

Location: 500 7th Ave 8th floor New York, NY 10018

Business Description: VR, AI, blockchain technology development and service management 

Representative: Rio Takeshi Kubo 


Hello, to all the users 
Always, thank you so much for being with us!!!
[Updated Contact Details of Customer Support]-

Updated on Jun 14, 2020

All inquiries from the current users have been supported by email so far, but it needs to be changed to the new system “Support by TOUKU”.

We also need to let the support system gets subdivided to take care each one of the services according to our business expansion.

Please take it easy that you can login to TOUKU by using the same credentials with the ANGELIUM WALLET  if you already have.

Also, you can not only download our native app if you go to Apple Store or Play Store then search “TOUKU” but also using the Touku Web app.<Contact Details of Each Service>

Official ANGELIUM Support:

Official TOUKU support:

Official XANA Support Desk:

Official XIGOLO support:

Please Note: This minor change for support details is also temporarily made as test meaning.

As always, we would go through all the outsourced teams, and we would also confirm important matters etc. from the outsourced team if necessary. Always, thank you for your understanding in advance.

Thank you. ANGELIUM
Public Relations Department,
Customer service.

Hello, our valued users,

The Industry’s first full-automated translation feature added on TOUKU.

Right in this global situation, one of the major obstacles that Japanese people do not want to go abroad as their stage of success is the language problem.

However, think about this, Japanese users can communicate instantly with many people who speak different languages of the world as soon as they start using TOUKU, a free messenger app !

And eventually, it will be possible to get information from various countries on one official TOUKU channel and receive all the information from the whole world!

No need for each country-specific telegram groups, that are common in cryptocurrency industry today, also no need the burden on managers in each country, reducing inequalities and distrust due to significant information share, and as a result, more transparent information transmission can be made.

In addition, TOUKU is currently preparing services and marketing to be provided as a kind of tool to the third-party like companies and projects.

The situation must be able to let the external users coming in and the marketing liquidity get improved.

Let us show you the easy 2-steps how to use TOUKU

Step 1

Ok, now google “TOUKU” then you will find it in the Apple Store and go ahead download!

– Always thank you so much for rating the app as 5-star!


Step 2

You can login with the same credentials of the ANGELIUM WALLET if you already signed up, but if not go ahead let the quick sign up gets placed by going to “Register New” link right there!

Thank you.


Public Relations Department,

Customer service.

Hi there users, 

Always thank you for having us as your best partner!


Please note:

“Online Salon” known as Paid webinars or paid online community feature in Japanese business scenes is being deployed to TOUKU now!

Very Distinctive Features of The Online Salon of TOUKU

The Japanese Online salons these days, the publisher side getting paid and the user side needs to pay for that so far.

But, TOUKU changes all that! How? TOUKU, a free messenger app lets both publishers and users get all paid by using our community! This is so different and also really awesome!

To make it easy to understand, I would say,

“Affiliate business style Online Salon where you can study along with making money online!”.

The User’s Benefits

  • The Online salon is available for both free and paid.
  • You can keep getting useful information daily just by following a community you are interested in.
  • Users can get point-back that can be cashout for free just by logging in on a daily basis.
  • At some salons, users can also get cash-back just by experiencing the service, opening an account, and even watching their ads.

You can really make good money once you study how to use it efficiently.

How to make money: The management for Salon-community

  • Any user can open a new salon-community, become an administrator of the salon, and freely set the status as paid and free.
  • Of course, users can keep making money by running some communities of high demand.
  • ASP(Affiliate Service Provider) feature allows the Salon owners to set up affiliate commissions for some skilled online marketers freely in order to obtain a huge number of traffic from the followers.

We would begin going forward with the marketing for the Online Salon community from now on and would let you know the details later on!

Thank you.


Public Relations Department,

Customer service.

As a professional, you are aware of the significance of fast, effective, and productive communication. Still, many people continue to fail in this area. While the ground could vary, it may simply be that they’re not using the right platform. It’s fortunate that advances in technology-empowered people to be even more productive and collaborative in their lives.

Similarly, the Touku messenger app is offering a platform for their users to bring them together based on their shared interests in any topic through an app. 

The Touku messenger app allows instant messaging not only for individuals but also for workplaces. Instant messaging is one of the most efficient methods to communicate aside from face to face consultation.

Type an instant message, get an equally brief and quick reply, or possibly just an emoji, and get on with your work. There is nothing complex or challenging. Today’s best online communications apps help organize team conversations and multiple topics.

Here are the best features in Touku’s messenger app so you can pick the perfect tool to stay connected with your friends and family.

People all around the globe want to be connected with their community. They want safe, quick, and easy ways to communicate with their friends and family. Considering these desires of users, Touku is introduced, which is an online communication platform to communicate with your friends and family.

It allows users to message one another. With Touku you can enjoy real-time group chat and one 2 one chat, and easily send and receive multimedia such as photos, videos, and files. Touku is providing a way for people to stay in contact without suffering SMS charges, which can be prohibitively costly in parts of the world where unlimited texting plans are not the norm.

In case you think messaging is only for chatting with friends, take note according to a survey, 59 percent of people use communication apps to connect with friends and family, and 67 percent of people said that they are using communication apps more for communicating with businesses over the next two years.

Whether you are working for a small business with just a few individuals or for a large organization with branches in multiple cities, communication is important. Communication is the basic key to completing projects successfully.  Without communication between team members, it is difficult to stay focused on a common aim and attain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, unlike other online communication apps, the Touku messenger app offers a platform for its users to streamline their communication efforts. Touku messanger app is the best platform to create a community around your business or brand. By using the Touku app you can share your information within the company and with other companies. This app is also useful when people from branches in different cities need to work together to complete a project. 

With the Touku messenger app transferring funds to your friends is easy, quick, and most importantly, secure. All you need to make the transfer is their phone number, and of course, the Touku messenger app.

No other bank details are needed. Notify your friends and funds will be sent in seconds. Now funds transfers with the Touku messenger app are safe and secure.

As your privacy is close to your heart, and our dedication at the Touku messenger app is to protect it every time if we make any change to the app, big or small.  Touku supports the end to end encryption to ensure the privacy and security of your communications.

All your chats, photos, videos, and voice messages are end to end encrypted. Signup now on the Touku messenger app to start enjoying its amazing features. 

Thank you.

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