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Service Overview 

TOUKU is a service tool to connect online influencers, information originators, online salons, school operators and their readers.We provide our customers with simple, one-stop functionality, such as creating and delivering content, promoting, matching, and providing payment methods.With a simple operation, you can deliver professional scenario steps, deliver hundreds of thousands of people at once, chat 1:1 with your readers, deliver emails, and more.In addition, in order to support the globalization of the online business, it is equipped with an automatic translation function by introducing its own AI.

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Future Policy

The roadmap for future development will include the introduction of IPFS (decentralized file system) and encryption (P2P), which leverage the strengths of NOBORDER.z’s blockchain technology, as well as the introduction of the company’s feature-rich functions such as ASP, live streaming, AI-based followers matching, channel matching, and auto-response functions. we plan to grow it as a communication tool to lead the Web 3.0 era, such as linking with social media SNS “XANA”.

Representative comment

In this era, we used to pay a lot of money to learn information and learning that could only be obtained by paying for teaching materials or going to that place with a single app. TOUKU is a platform that connects people who deliver high-quality channels for readers and for those who are eager to learn. Because it is a tool that expands business opportunities infinitely depending on how you use it, we would like to refine and grow our services together with our users. (RIO)

NOBORDER.z Corporation

With the vision of “A Wonderful World Without Borders”, we are a next-generation entertainment technology company based in New York, U. S. A., which operates in six countries around the world.The company will combine its cross-reality technology, blockchain technology, and AI technology with VR and AR entertainment.



RIO TAKESHI KUBO (CEO) made his major debut as an artist and composer at AVEX in Los Angeles. After being in charge of theme songs such as famous anime, he became independent. After holding four world tours as a DJ and music producer and performing in 70 cities, he started NOBORDER.z. In the two years since its founding, the company has grown to a scale of more than 100 employees in six countries around the world.

■ Service Overview

Service name: TOUKU (talk)

Genre: Communication tools

Price: Free

Supported devices: iOS, Android, browser versions (Mac, Windows)

Supported languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) , Korean, Hindi

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■ Company profile

Company name: NOBORDER.z Corporation 

Location: 500 7th Ave 8th floor New York, NY 10018

Business Description: VR, AI, blockchain technology development and service management 

Representative: Rio Takeshi Kubo 


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