Bonus Policy

1. General

These Terms of Use (“Bonus Terms”) set forth the various bonuses (“Bonus”) we provide to you through or in connection with this website, and you and us. Form a legally binding contract with. Each bonus is subject to its own specific terms, which are set forth in the relevant ad, headline (or equivalent), or through a link. Bonus-specific conditions are part of this Bonus Terms and Conditions. By giving you a Bonus, you agree to comply with these Bonus Terms and Conditions.

2. Other conditions

These Bonus Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Our Terms and Conditions are incorporated into these Bonus Terms and Conditions. In the event of a conflict between these Bonus Terms and our Terms, the terms of these Bonus Terms will prevail (to the extent that they exist).

3. Bonus

Bonus type

  • General bonus
    It is a normal bonus provided by XIGOLO. Basically, you can withdraw money by betting 20 times the deposit amount. The expiration date is 30 days from the date of acquisition. Withdrawal conditions may be lower than 20 times depending on the campaign.
  • First deposit bonus
    At XIGOLO, we offer every player a first deposit bonus of up to $1000. All you have to do is make a deposit in XIGOLO and it will be automatically given to your account.
    *Because it is a general bonus, the withdrawal condition will be 20 times.
  • Each time deposit bonus (membership: VIP/VVIP only)
    For VIP members and above, a bonus will be given each time after the second deposit.
    VIP members: 5%
    VVIP members: 10%
    *There may be a limit on the number of pick-ups.
    *Because it is a general bonus, the withdrawal condition will be 20 times.

4. Rule

  1. XP and Bonus XP are managed separately in Gigolo account.
    -For XP and bonus XP, the winning money when playing the game will be reflected separately.
  2. Bonus XP can be used only when XP becomes 0.
    ・ If you have XP, you will be able to use Bonus XP only after XP is used and XP balance becomes 0.
  3. Bonus XP has withdrawal conditions. If you clear the conditions, Bonus XP will be reflected as XP and you can withdraw.
    ・ XP and bonus XP withdrawal conditions are counted separately, and the bet amount will be reflected in the bonus XP withdrawal conditions by using the corresponding bonus XP in game play.
    – You can withdraw XP at any time after you have played the amount of money you paid for the XP in your account.

5. Withdrawal wagering conditions

How to bet:

Betting with Bonus XP will not be counted until you start using Bonus XP. Please note that XP bets are not counted as withdrawal bets.

When you start playing with Bonus XP, all bets will be counted as bets that clear the withdrawal requirements.

Please note that the percentage of bet that is counted to meet the withdrawal conditions will vary from game to game as described below.

As shown below, the rate of withdrawal wagering conditions varies depending on the game

Reflection rate for each game
All video slots 50%
Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold’em (all types) 10%
Live Casino (all types) 10%
All normal chip reflection rate will be 100%

The reflection rate may change each time. Please check the latest reflection rate as it is updated in this bonus profit agreement.

6. Account without deposit history

If you win using the bonus XP presented by a deposit-free bonus etc. in an account with no deposit history and you meet the betting conditions, you can convert to XP and withdraw. However, you must make your first deposit on this site before you can withdraw your winnings for the No Deposit Bonus. No deposit required bonus wins are all wins prior to making the first deposit.

In addition, withdrawal of the winning money obtained before the first deposit is up to 10 times the bonus XP acquired at the time of account registration. If the winning amount generated from the depositless bonus exceeds 10 times the depositless bonus, the remaining winning amount will be void. This has no effect on the amount deposited and the bonus XP earned on the first deposit.

7. Withdrawal

Withdrawable XP can be withdrawn at any time, but all withdrawals are subject to our regulatory obligations. For details on withdrawable funds, please refer to the Terms of Use.

8. Abuse of bonuses and cheating

[Prohibitions when using Bonus XP]
There are some prohibitions on playing with Bonus XP.
Please be aware that if you violate the following prohibitions, you may not be able to withdraw your winnings.

  • Bonus stacking (using bonuses repeatedly)
  • 2 tier bets (double bet)
  • The act of covering multiple outcomes while betting bonuses to reduce or eliminate risk.
  • Use of bonus funds to abuse continuous slot game mechanics
  • Multiple account strategies/proxy account strategies
  • Abuse of affiliate CPA or revenue share

To provide a fair game, strict measures are taken against bonus abuse, irregular play and cheating. If a player discovers or is engaged in one or more of the following activities, or if they consider it to be, we will investigate and apply until the results are known. You have the right to restrict the use of your account, including withdrawal requests.

If, as a result of our investigation, we are found to have been engaged in any of the above acts, or if we have found a reasonable basis, we will close the player’s account and qualify for participation in some or all future campaigns. You have the right to disqualify you from receiving the bonus. The imposition of these restrictions does not prevent a player from receiving a qualified bonus before the restrictions are imposed.

9. Game restrictions

Bonus XP is available for all games unless otherwise stated in the campaign-specific terms and conditions. In some cases, at our discretion, certain games may be excluded from bonus play. If there is a list of games that are excluded from bonus play, they shall be specified in the Important Terms of the Campaign.

10. Choice of bonus acquisition

In order to receive the deposit bonus, you need to check the bonus box of the bonus displayed on the deposit page at the time of deposit and wish to receive the bonus. Players may decline to receive bonuses they are eligible to earn. If you have already received the bonus, you can delete the bonus XP all at once by using the rolling reset button in the rolling column in My Menu.

11. Account restrictions

Various campaigns can be used only once per account unless otherwise specified. In addition, it cannot be combined with other campaigns unless otherwise stated.

12. Governing law

These Bonus Terms and Conditions are governed by Curacao law. The parties (customers and us) agree that any objection or dispute, claim, or violation, termination or invalidity of these Terms of Use that is caused by or related to these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Curacao Court.

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