ANL HEAVEN Officially Available Now

Let us proudly present that ANL HEAVEN officially gets available now!

What else you can get for making HEAVEN ANL?

You can definitely receive DROP according to each XLEVEL, “Only the users who made HEAVEN” are qualified for the targeted DROP.
(Originally, the funding source for the DROP is provided by calculation to let the total sum of ANX from TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange revenue plus ANL from content’s promotion revenue and more get divided according to the total number of levels)

Following are the HEAVEN bonus rates:

  • HEAVEN 90 130%
  • HEAVEN 60-115%
  • HEAVEN 30-105%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 90 150%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 60-125%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 30-110%

HEAVEN bonus is added to XLEVEL of when users made HEAVEN.
If a user holds (10000ANL=10000XLEVEL) and made Heaven90, it goes like,


DROP is provided as a DROP qualifier according to the amount of HEAVEN user holds at the moment. Also, be assured that the default setting is RE-HEAVEN (called ANOTHER HEAVEN) even on maturity.

Important Notice

  • Currently, ANL XLEVEL is hidden.
    But, please be assured that HEAVEN would be displayed.
  • The XLEVEL of ANL, that has already been made before 2019, would be added as DROP if you can make HEAVEN before Mar 25.
    • XLEVEL would be lost if you didn’t make HEAVEN by Mar 25.
  • ANL newly purchased at TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange also return to the original level in a case even if HEAVEN gets unlocked only one time.

Note: Once you released Heaven even for once, all the XLEVEL’s, privileges and special welcoming gifts will be gone that came with XLEVEL status.


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